departments in a chemical industry

Types of Departments in a Chemical Industry

This article is for those fresher chemists who wish to join the industry as their full-time job. After reading this you’ll surely gain an idea about different sectors of a chemical plant. You will be also able to choose the right path. Working Departments


Research on existing products of the company is observed in this department to achieve low costing in the manufacturing and time reduction process. Also research is done to develop new products by studying competitors samples and designing a different process. Departments in Chemical Industry


Manufacturing the product on a large scale is undertaking in this department. It is often observed that only male candidates are preferred to work in this sector. You should expect to deal with large bowl/reactors and work with chemicals in bulk quantities. Departments in Chemical Industry


This department holds the type of instrument/machines that are used to study the prepared batch of products by the production department on a small scale. It assures that the product does not contain any impurities in its formulation. After the R&D department, the QC department is generally considered as a good choice.


QA department checks whether the product satisfies the US-FDA norms or not if the company is US-FDA approved. Lab testing of the samples submitted by the production department is undertaking here.

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