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How close are we towards formulating an effective coronavirus vaccine?


SARS-CoV-2 the virus that is responsible for COVID 19 disease or coronavirus has become the horrifying nightmare that the world has ever seen in centuries. So far the virus has already taken more than 218000 lives worldwide. Recently the figure of the total number of coronavirus cases in the US surpassed 1 million and still growing at a rapid rate. Whereas the death toll in India has crossed 1000 on Wednesday. Scientists as well as research teams from various companies and universities are doing immense research and animal testing to formulate a genuine and effective vaccine for human trials. Formerly China’s Wuhan city discharges its last coronavirus patient from the hospital.

Serum Institute of India decides to develop 60 million doses

On April 26 Serum Institute of India (SII) announced it’s plan for the production of 20-40 million coronavirus vaccine which was developed by Oxford University. The developed vaccines will be in the market by October after the successful human trials. Serum company based in Pune city of Maharashtra state has partnered with Oxford University and is also one of the seven global vaccine manufacturing organizations. It must be noted that the institute has decided to manufacture the vaccine at their own risk before effective human trials so that there are enough doses available if the testing results are positive.

The Indian regulatory authorities such as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) are working with the institute so as to confirm smooth production. The manufacturing of a vaccine by Serum Institute will be on the expectation of clinical trials succeeding by September-October in the UK. CEO of Serum Institute of India Mr. Adar Poonawala told that the production of the vaccine will be commenced in 2-3 weeks.

Covid 19 vaccine

Earlier Serum institute has also collaborated with Condagenix corporation based in America. The former institute had before announced that it will not patent the COVID-19 vaccine and will make it available for all the production and sale in India as well as across the world.

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Others companies that are developing Vaccines:

Bharat Biotech in Hyderabad had announced a partnership with the University of Wisconsin Madison and US-based firm FluGen for the manufacture of almost 300 million doses of vaccine for global distribution. Zydus Cadila has also been working on the development of two vaccines for coronavirus. Indian Immunologicals, Biological E and Mynvax have been developing a vaccine each.

More than 70% of the organizations directing vaccine research projects are from either industrial or private firms. Clinical trials start with small safety studies in animals and people, followed by much larger trials to determine whether a vaccine induces an immune response. As many as 100 potential Covid-19 candidate vaccines are now under development by biotech and research teams around the world, and at least five of these are in preliminary testing in people in what is known as Phase 1 clinical trials.

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