Research Associate

Jubilant Biosys is looking for Research Associates in Medicinal Chemistry/ Discovery Chemistry for Bengaluru location.

Company Profile

Jubilant Biosys Ltd., is a part of the Jubilant Life Sciences family of companies with R&D centers in India and business offices in Asia and North America. Jubilant Biosys has global reach and provides comprehensive drug discovery and Contract research services from target discovery to candidate selection in partnership with leading healthcare companies worldwide.

Job Details

Job Title: Junior Research Associate/ Research Associate (Medicinal Chemistry)

Qualification: M.Sc (Organic Chemistry/ General Chemistry/ Industrial Chemistry/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry)


  • 1-7 years in Medicinal Chemistry
  • Experience in a drug discovery industry/ CRO in the synthesis department.
  • Should be able to do multi-step synthesis.
  • Capable of handling milligram to multigram scale reactions.

Job Location: Bengaluru

Key responsibilities:

  • Learn and execute the synthetic routes for the targeted compounds under the guidance of scientific leaders.
  • Synthesize Novel Synthetic Organic Molecules in Milligram to gram Batches.
  • Solve Troubleshooting in various organic chemical reactions.
  • Setting up of reactions, purification techniques, compound characterization.
  • Handling of moisture and air-sensitive reagents & reactions.
  • Analyzing compounds using a good range of modern separation and spectroscopic techniques.
  • Write and maintain records of observations and conclusions for every experiment in a timely manner.
  • Carrying out the literature search and retrieving data from various scientific journals and patents.
  • Active participation in departmental seminars
  • Follow safety protocols and maintain the lab in a clean manner.

Skills: Medicinal Chemistry, Characterization Purification Synthesis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Research, Drug Discovery

Note: Candidates based in Bengaluru & with less than 30 days notice period are preferred.

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