CSIR launched online portal – Aarogya Path

Council of scientific and industrial research (CSIR) has launched a online portal name as Aarogya Path for the health care supplies. It will help manufacturers, distributors, vendors and consumers to deal very effectively against the COVID-19. Also this portal will help to overcome bottlenecks in he whole supply chain.

The main motto of this online portal is to manage information and access future needs in relation to health care related stuffs, content at the our country level. Information on demand and supply of health care items will be managed on this portal.

This portal will help hospitals, laboratories, research institutes and patients also. Along with this it will also assist to manufactures and importers to access the demand for medical equipments, devices, personal protective equipment and other related items.

CSIR has also stated that this portal means Aarogya Path will be a major health care reporting center in the coming years. This will minimise the distance between the consumers and manufacturers and will be able to make Medical devices available at very reasonable costs. “Aarogya Path – an integrated public platform has been established with the vision of providing a path which leads one on a journey towards Aarogya (healthy life)”.

Additionally it can be beneficial for the various hospitals, pathological laboratories and pharmacies. Also it will create better options to manufacture different and new types of related stuff in the country. This will help to make lower the waste of resources because of ineffective forecasting and also more production. It will create awareness towards the requirement of new technologies.

Vendors, manufacturers etc. are encouraged to make registeration under this portal.

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