Glenmark launched Febiflu tablet for COVID-19

Glenmark Pharmaceutical, a Indian pharmaceutical company has released a very effective tablet name as “Febiflu” to fight against COVID-19.

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As we all know, whole world is under bad affection of COVID-19 disease since March month. The world is badly hitted by Covid-19 disease. Lakhs of people are suffering from this Pandemic disease Covid-19 throughout the world.

So in this scenario to fight against COVID-19, a large number of pharmaceutical companies are researching to develop and design a effective tablet or vaccine for that.

Many companies have launched a tablet for this but none of them is completely useful for that. Because virus of COVID-19, which is known as corona virus is generally hundreds of times are more powerful than a common virus. In addition it spreads very easily just like by shaking hands or touching someone, sneezing or if a person not maintains a distance of atleast one meter, then chances increases to get infected very easily.

So in order to get rid from that disease Scientists and researchers from all over the world are researching and working on that since last 4-5 months.

Firstly, it was found that a malarial tablet called as “Hydroxychloroquine” has a better property which can combat with this virus. But later on in different researches it was found that it shows some positive results against corona virus but it is not helpful completely.

Then tablet named as “Remdesivir” came in market. Many countries started trial with this tablet but then later on the same thing was found that it is also not that much effective against this virus.


So, then a one more drug name as “Fevipiravir” showed some positive responses on patients. It is being producing by many countries. And in some countries it has been approved already like United Kingdom, Japan and Russia.

So, finally Glenmark Pharmaceutical becomes the first Indian company who has released this tablet under the brand name as “Febiflu”. Company and some experts from this field says that this drug “Febiflu” may become as game-changer. This tablet has passed in all pri-clinical stages and it shows good results in comparison of many other drugs.

Glenmark received the approval to launch this tablet from central drugs standards control organization (CDSCO). The price of this tablet will be 103/per tablet. This will be available in the pack of 34 tablets, which will cost approximately 3400 INR.

Febiflu is a India’s first oral antiviral drug which can be used in patients for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms. CDSCO department has gave approval in emergency conditions and allowed to produce and sell this tablet. But before that company has to do a experiment on one thousand patients of COVID-19 disease and then they will have to submit a report to the government. In that they will have to tell that how much helpful this tablet is ?

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