Everything in Chemistry starts and ends with “The Basic Concepts”

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If you think that studying one of the finest branches of Science called CHEMISTRY is not easy then you’re probably right. Yes, it is difficult to understand what every matter around us is crafted and composed from, I used to also think the same when I started out my career with Chemistry.

I specialize in Organic Chemistry, the study of how chemicals react and the properties of various acids and bases. Do you know that a Diamond and graphite (used as pencil leads) are formed from the exact same component – CARBON? What differs them is the geometry at the atomic level. Isn’t it fascinating that how a single atom’s way of formation creates two compounds of different values?

Chemistry is indeed a subject of a unique understanding of how the world around us is created and how it cycles life. I want to recommend you a book that I find the most impacting one to understand the basic concepts of Organic Chemistry and Chemistry in general. This textbook is authored by Mr. Arun Bahl and Mr. B. S. Bahl. The title is ‘A textbook of Organic Chemistry.’ Now this book is my personal favorite because I started my journey in the world of chemical reactions with this one. The language used is ultra simple and the examples used to explain some tough concepts are really good. I use this book even today to refer to the basics. I am putting a link to this amazing book, do check it out.